Rental rebate manual

The purpose of the Rental rebate manual is to outline the processes by which the department manages the rental rebate system.

The Director of Housing accepts, from eligible tenants, a reduced rent on the basis of our rental rebate policy. The difference between the rent charged to a public housing tenant and the market rent of their property is known as the rental rebate.

The Rental rebate policy is aimed at reducing the disparity in the financial assistance given to public and private renters, while ensuring:

  • Rents continue to be set at affordable levels
  • Sufficient rent revenue is received by the department to cover costs not met by government funding.
  • Overview

    Public housing tenants can apply for a Victorian Government subsidy known as a rental rebate. This can reduce their weekly out of pocket cost for public housing to 25 per cent of total household income.

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  • Assessable income

    There are certain income types that are assessable when calculating a household’s rental rebate, as outlined in this information.

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  • Income confirmation

    The department employs a process that accesses the Commonwealth Department of Human Service’s eServices Portal to obtain tenants and household members income and asset information. This is for the calculation their rental rebate entitlement.

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  • Market rent

    The market rent of a public housing property is based on the rent it would attract in the private rental market. The market rent is reviewed annually.

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  • Rebate applications

    The department conducts regular rebated rent reviews of households in public housing. This is when they are affected by changes in payments from the Commonwealth Department of Human Services and the Department of Veterans' Affairs, in order to make adjustments for changes in their rent.

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  • Fixed rent

    Since 2008, tenants rent is reviewed twice each year.

    The rent charge is generally fixed for 6 months until the next rent review, or when a tenant advises of a household change resulting in a decrease in total household income.

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