Advance program

Advance is a school-based program for young people to volunteer in their community.

Advance gives young people a chance to plan projects, meet new people, build skills and make a difference in their community.

This program is a partnership between the department, Victorian Government secondary schools and community organisations.

Through Advance, young people, schools and community organisations develop networks of relationships while achieving shared goals. The program also encourages communities to support and recognise young people's participation and positive role in society.

The Advance framework

Participating schools deliver 5 program elements:

  • Learning modules 1, 2 and 3 - community, communication and project management skill development
  • Recognised training
  • A community project or series of volunteering activities - delivered in partnership, with innovative approaches to program delivery are encouraged
  • Recognition and celebration
  • Young people involved in decision-making.

Program reporting is also expected by schools participating in the Advance program.

Program delivery

Advance is delivered in a range of school settings including:

  • Secondary schools - years 7 to 12
  • Special schools
  • Special developmental schools
  • English as a second language schools.

Schools decide how to target and deliver Advance and implement the program in a range of ways such as:

  • Integrated into core curriculum
  • As an elective inside of school time
  • As an elective outside of school time.

Which then assists in the enrichment and delivery of:

  • The Victorian Essential Standards Framework (VELS)
  • The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)
  • Vocational Education Training.

The flexibility of Advance means it can be modified to suit the needs, interests and abilities of any number of students from a range of diverse backgrounds and locations. Innovative approaches to the program delivery are encouraged.

Resources and support

Advance is delivered through a partnership where:

  • The Victorian Government provides program funding, guidelines, curriculum materials and support to plan, implement and evaluate Advance
  • Schools provide a learning environment that supports youth development
  • Community organisations may be involved in a range of ways, including providing materials, a learning environment and support for young people’s community activities using a youth development approach.

A range of tools have been developed for schools and for community organisations to help deliver Advance. For more information see, Schools and the Advance program and Community organisations and the Advance program.