Community foundations video series

A series of videos on community foundations has been developed which document a range of aspects of community foundation development and operation.

Between 2009 to 2013, a grants and capacity building program to support community foundations across Victoria was run. As part of the program, 12 community foundations received funding, with the total funding amount adding to $3.4 million. The program successfully built the profile and grant making and governance capacity of all community foundations involved. 

These videos were made to build further awareness and understanding of community foundations by:

  • Potential supporters
  • Volunteers
  • Board members
  • Community members.

Video 1 - Introduction to community foundations

What are community foundations all about? How do they operate? What distinguishes community foundations from other philanthropic organisations? Hear from key players in Victorian community foundations about how community foundations support local communities.

Video 2 - Community foundations board creation

This video details the journey of communities to establishing a community foundation, to address key needs within the community. The leadership and profile of the board and chair are key to the success of community foundations - bringing specific skills to the table to engage with the community, govern the organisation, raise funds and make grants.

Video 3 - Community foundations structure

The taxation, legal requirements and governance arrangements of community foundations are explained in this video. Also explained is how community groups, families and businesses could establish sub-funds within a community foundation as a way of giving back to the community.

Video 4 - Community foundations grantmaking

This video explains how community foundations prioritise their grants and engage community groups and individuals in grantmaking.

Video 5 - Community foundations grant recipients

Watch how community groups and organisations have used grants from community foundations to make a lasting impact. The video also demonstrates the important relationships developed between community foundations and these organisations, so that they are able to contribute financially and in-kind.

Video 6 - Community foundations fundraising strategy

This video documents how community foundations met the fundraising challenge set by the Victorian Government - raising $100,000 in under 12 months. It also explains:

  • What are the key factors of success?
  • How to raise the profile of your community foundation?
  • How do community foundations get started raising funds?

Video 7 - Community foundations fundraising partnerships

This video explains:

  • The importance of strategic relationships to support community foundations
  • How understanding the interests of donors
  • How community foundations can partner with them to achieve their objectives.

Video 8 - Community foundations fundraising 'the ask'

This video explains the role of board members and administrators in raising the profile of the community foundations and making ‘the ask’ of potential supporters.