Finance for community organisations

How the not-for-profit sector can attract alternative funding sources and diversify income base.

Workplace giving

A workplace giving scheme is an arrangement between a not for profit organisation and a business to enable the employees of the business to donate to the community organisation through the payroll system.

The guide below is for not for profit organisations. It provides advice on how to make the most of pre tax workplace giving schemes and tips on how to develop a mutually beneficial corporate partnership.

To become a recipient of a workplace giving scheme, your organisation must first have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Find out more about DGR on the Australian Taxation Office website.


Government and philanthropic grant makers can both provide funding to not-for-profit community organisations – value and efficiency can be added when they work together. Philanthropy Australia and some of Victoria’s prominent philanthropic grant makers developed a series of tools, "Guiding principles for collaboration between government and philanthropy". This resource can used at a range of levels to support effective collaborative approaches.

A series of case studies has also been developed on 3 way relationships between philanthropy, government and the not-for-profit community sectors and a report is the result of this work- see Related resources below.