Human Services activity search

You can search for specific activity sheets within Volume 3: Human Services policy and funding plan 2015-19, part of the department's policy and funding guidelines July 2017.

Volume 3: Human Services policy and funding plan 2015-19 contains detailed information for each human services activity including:

  • Services standards and guidelines
  • Targets
  • Performance measures
  • Data collections requirements.

For all volumes of the departments Policy and funding guidelines July 2017, see Policy and funding guidelines

Tips on searching

  • To display a complete list of activity documents, press the search button without making any other selections
  • To limit your search to a single output group or output, first select an option from the list
  • Type the first few digits of an activity number to display results by number
  • Type at least 1 word of an activity name to show results for activities that match the word or words typed
  • If you're unsure of an activity's output group, leave this set to 'Any' when searching for an activity by its name or number.