Men's behaviour change program resources

Men's behaviour change programs play an important role in promoting the safety of women and children.

The purpose of these programs is to initiate a change process in men's behaviour and provide a forum for exploring and challenging beliefs. Within this, there is a focus on making men accountable for their violence toward family members.

The following information provides some additional guidance and support for providers of men's behaviour change programs.

  • Enhancing access to men's behaviour change programs - service intake model and practice guide

    This service intake model and accompanying practice guidelines form part of the service agreement for services funded under the department's integrated family violence services for men.

    It is intended that the service intake model and practice guide will be adopted by agencies funded by the department to provide an enhanced intake response for men's behaviour change programs.

    For more information, see Related resources.

  • Men's behaviour change minimum standards and quality practice

    The following resources comprehensively address current and emerging themes in men's behaviour change group work practice, and comprises a range of tools for use in program planning and delivery:

    • Minimum standards summary
    • Minimum standards quick reference - chart 1
    • Minimum standards quick reference - chart 2
    • Men's behaviour change - resources for quality practice.
  • Framework for comprehensive assessment in men's behaviour change program

    This framework is for use by department funded men’s behaviour change programs operating in the context of the Victorian integrated family violence system.

    Comprehensive assessment requires a high level of client engagement skills, and detailed safety planning and case management responses. As such, it is intended that the framework will be used primarily by specialist family violence professionals working with men who use violent and controlling behaviours.

    For more information, see Related resources.