Men's Shed Program

Men's sheds provide a place for men to get together, work on common projects and contribute to their community.

Men’s sheds across Victoria are currently closed to comply with Chief Health Officer directions. Men’s shed participants are encouraged to stay in touch with each other by phone or other electronic communications. 

For detailed information on staying safe:

Applications now open – Support for Men’s Sheds payments 

Through the 2020 Men’s Shed Funding Program – Support for Men’s Sheds, payments of $2,300 are available to men’s sheds across Victoria.  

These payments will assist men’s sheds to meet their most urgent expenses, so that shedders can sustainably reopen as strong and connected community organisations when Victoria’s restrictions ease. 

Applications close 30 November 2020.  

To apply, please complete the online application form on the Smarty Grants platform

A tip sheet about the Men’s Shed Funding Program is available to guide you through the process (see Related Resources on this page).

If you have any questions about the Men’s Shed Funding Program, please email

Men’s Shed Funding Program

The Victorian Government’s Men's Shed Program provides grants for the construction of new sheds and the refurbishment of existing sheds.

Ongoing funding of $1 million per annum underpins the Men's Shed Program. This funding is allocated across:

  • Men’s sheds grants. In 2021–22 the regular capital grants program is expected to return, to support building new sheds or the refurbishment of existing sheds.
  • Strengthening the sustainability of men's sheds through the Victorian Men’s Shed Association.

If you have any questions about the Men’s Shed Funding Program, please contact (03) 8633 4765 or email

Victorian Men's Shed Association

The Victorian Government provides funding to the Victorian Men's Shed Association to provide leadership and capacity-building for men's sheds across Victoria.