Permanent care

Permanent care provides enduring family placements for children unable to live with their natural families.

This includes:

  • Children placed in permanent care after a period of child protection intervention, when they cannot be returned safely to their parents care

Flexible funding for permanent care orders

When a child is unable to safely return home, after being removed from their parents care, a permanent alternative placement must be sought. This is to provide stable, ongoing care and to meet the child’s needs - supporting them to meet their potential. Flexible funding aims to support children and young people subject to permanent care orders.

Flexible funding can be provided to permanent carers to help meet additional needs of a child in their care, subject to a permanent care order, beyond those met by the carer allowance and other available funding sources. 

What the funding can be used for

  • Support access to services to address the therapeutic needs of a child, which result from trauma or negative experience
  • Support a child to access additional educational support, not covered by the education allowance
  • Support additional health and medical needs of the child, not covered by the medical allowance, Medicare, or private health insurance
  • Preserve contact between parents, siblings and family members
  • Preserve cultural identity
  • Provide access to respite care
  • Cover costs related to child care, beyond other subsidies
  • Assist with home modifications, provided they are essential
  • Assist with essential vehicle requirements such as modifications, car seats, and upsizing
  • Assist with other services essential to support the child's placement.


Adoption services are delivered directly by Adoption Victoria within the Department of Justice and Community Safety.