Recruitment and retention

The Workforce Capability Framework resources here can assist your not-for-profit organisation with the end-to-end recruitment and selection process, from planning the recruitment process to reviewing how successful it was.

Human resource functions- case studies

This series of case studies illustrates potential use of the Workforce Capability Framework and showcase the different applications and adaptations being made by a range of organisations in the not-for-profit sector. The case studies provide practical and tangible examples, which other organisations can draw upon and use in their own efforts to implement the framework. A range of not-for-profit organisations by size, type and location are reflected.

Attracting and retaining staff in regional Victoria- case studies

The case studies explain strategies that have been successfully used for attracting and retaining staff in rural and regionally based community organisations.

State sporting associations- case studies

The case studies describe how some Victorian State Sporting Associations have used the Workforce Capability Framework to improve their human resource practices according to their association’s particular needs. To support this process, the State Sporting Associations attended group workshops and a one-on-one mentoring session.