Schools and the Advance program

Schools participating in the Advance program have access to a range of resources to assist in its successful delivery.

Online forum

The Advance Online Forum has been specifically created for Advance coordinators to share ideas, resources and experiences.

This site has held discussion topics on:

  • Succession planning
  • Advance’s links with VCE and VCAL
  • Volunteering opportunities beyond Advance.

It also provides cost effective options for recognised training and resources to assist in enriching existing Advance programs.

See the The Advance Online Forum for more information.

Advance coordinator peer mentoring support

A number of experienced Advance coordinators have agreed to provide support to coordinators who are new to the program. We encourage you to make contact with any of them.

For more information, see mentor profiles and contact details on the Support page of the  Advance Online Forum. 

Advance project profiles

Advance project profiles are accessible through the Advance Online Forum as well as through Youth Central. Project profiles provide an insight into the diverse ways Advance is delivered by Victorian Government secondary schools and include, for example, animal welfare projects, environmental projects, human rights projects and community services projects.

Professional development for teachers

The department acknowledges that the success of the Advance program relies heavily on the teachers charged with its delivery.

Teachers involved in delivering Advance should note that the annual grant payment includes $800 for teacher professional development, regardless of the student enrolment level.

Teachers are also encouraged to attend professional development opportunities offered by community partners throughout the year.

Here is a list of resources developed to assist teachers in the delivery of the Advance program.

Advanced program framework

The Advance program framework consists of three levels:

  • The five key program elements
  • Program delivery time frame options
  • The local delivery strategy. 

Advance program framework (word)

Handbook for Victorian government secondary schools

Handbook for the Advance program in schools.

Advance handbook for government schools (word)

Support resources for Victorian government secondary schools

The support resources for Victorian government schools provides information and participation worksheets in areas such as:

  • Facilitation
  • Decision making
  • Reflection and recording
  • Celebration.

Advance support resources for government schools (word)

Resources audit sheet

The purpose of the Resource audit sheet is to help schools identify the Advance program resources that are available to them.

Resources audit sheet (word)

Victorian essential learning standards mapping

For teachers interested in understanding the links between Advance and the school syllabus,the curriculum content of Advance has been mapped to the Victorian essential learning standards (VELS). Each learning outcome has been aligned with an element of the standards at Level 5 (Year 7 to 8) and Level 6 (Year 9 to 10). 

Advance VELS Mapping (pdf)

Victorian certificate of applied learning

Advance curriculum mapping to the Victorian certificate of applied learning (VCAL).

Advance Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) mapping (pdf)

Certificate of participation

Certificate of participation for students in the Advance program in schools.

Advance Participant Certificate (to be signed by Principal and Co-ordinator) (word)

Advance participant certificate (without signatures) (word)


Here is a list of resources to be used for the Advance program's communication and promotional purposes.

Media release templates

Recognising and celebrating young people media release template (word)

Outlining the community project (word)

Announcing your organisation's school partnership (word)

Advance logos and guidelines

Advance logos and guidelines (word)

Advance banners

Advance A4 banner (word)

Advance A3 banner (word)