Services Connect

Services Connect was a small-scale trial of a model for integrated human services in Victoria.

Services Connect focused on streamlining and simplifying access to human services to ensure that people are connected with appropriate services and supports.


Services Connect's two main objectives were:

  • To change the way individuals and families were supported, so they could achieve lasting positive outcomes based on their personal goals and aspirations
  • To improve productivity by reducing duplication and inefficiency across the human services system.

Main elements of the support model

  • 1 key worker who was the primary support worker – the role included: planning, coordinating and delivering services for a client and their family to meet their needs and goals
  • 1 needs identification – where comprehensive information was collected so that people didn’t need to keep telling their story
  • 1 plan – that helped people progress towards their goals and aspirations and covered all of the services they received
  • 1 client record – instead of multiple records held by different services.

Trial sites

Services Connect was first implemented across 5 department trial sites from 2012. Community services organisations subsequently participated in a 2 year trial of the program across 8 Services Connect partnership sites, between October 2014 and October 2016.

The program was subject to extensive independent evaluations.