Workforce Capability Framework implementation

These resources will allow you to train others in your organisation, or outside of your organisation, to use and implement the Workforce Capability Framework.

How the framework can be used

The framework can be used by not-for-profit community sector to:

  • Align staff capability to the strategic business needs of the organisation
  • Assist with a range of human resource functions including job design, recruitment and selection, performance management and development, and career planning
  • Form the basis of discussions with external training providers about course outcomes to be incorporated into current and future courses.

The framework is particularly useful for smaller organisations that do not have a dedicated human resource team.

Trainer guide and resources

The Workforce Capability Framework trainer guide includes instructions for planning and facilitating a successful framework training program including:

  • A suggested session outline
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Instructions for facilitating training activities
  • Ideas for adapting the program to meet the needs of the individual organisation and hints for trainers.
  • Workforce capability cards
  • Videos of people explaining the use of the framework.
  • Examples of how to use the Capability Framework

    The following are examples of how you could pick up and use the Workforce Capability Framework in your organisation: 

    • Use the framework and/or capability cards to pick out and identify the capabilities needed for a new job in your organisation
    • Use these capabilities to help you put together a position description. When interviewing an applicant for a position, structure your interview questions around the capabilities that you identify as being necessary for the position. Ask them to give you examples that demonstrate these capabilities
    • When interviewing an applicant for a position, place a number of capability cards onto the desk in front of them, and ask them to pick out 3 capabilities that they feel would be most useful and relevant for the position and the organisation
    • Ask them to talk about why they chose the ones they did. You can do this same exercise, but this time ask the job applicant to pick out 3 attributes that they feel they can demonstrate, and ask them to explain how they are relevant and beneficial for the role they are applying for
    • As a professional development exercise, ask your manager to choose 2 capabilities from the Workforce Capability Framework that they believe you excel at, and 2 capabilities that they feel you could benefit from further development. Discuss with your manager the best ways to further develop your skills in these areas
    • You could use the framework to identify capabilities that you need, or would like to develop, and chat to your manager about possible ways of developing these.

Video case studies

Watch Rosalie Flynn from Precision Consultancy explain how the Workforce Capability Framework can be used:

Brad Sadler from Windermere Child and Family Services explains how his organisation used the Workforce Capability Framework to develop a performance appraisal tool:

The versatility of the Workforce Capability Framework is demonstrated here as a number of not-for-profit organisations of varying sizes have used or adapted it, to respond to their specific workforce planning and development needs: