Workforce capability tools

The Workforce Capability Framework lists the skills, knowledge and attributes needed in a wide range of emerging and current roles in the not-for-profit sector, for use in attraction and retention, performance management and career planning.

The Community Sector Workforce Capability Framework (Capability Framework) has been designed to help both individuals and not-for-profit organisations to:

  • Improve the identification of skills and thus organisations needs now and into the future
  • Improve overall quality and effectiveness of service provision and improve client outcomes
  • Provide a greater capacity for professional development and learning
  • Provide better career pathways and recognition for employees
  • Promote enhanced and more flexible professional and management practice.

By using the framework, people in community sector organisations will be able to develop flexible and transferrable skills that can be used across the whole sector. This will also allow for:

  • Cross sectoral career pathways
  • Movement between types of service delivery and types of clients
  • More collaboration across different organisations.

Implement the Workforce Capability Framework

See Workforce Capability Framework implementation to train others in your organisation, or outside of your organisation, to use and implement the Workforce Capability Framework.

Use the Workforce Capability Framework for recruitment and retention

Case studies and resources on how some organisations have embedded the Capability Framework into their human resource practices are available at recruitment and retention.